Last night the 4 older kids (JJ, Moise, Djemima and Leica) and I spent some time lying on the roof and star-gazing.  Without the light pollution of the cities one can see literally millions of stars. We had a great view of Jupiter and the moon, as well as constellations Orion, Hydra and Eridanus. We also saw 2 satellites streak across the sky. Amazing!

I believe it is a universal and international fact that little girls love to giggle and little boys love to make bodily noises!

Jupiter and the moon

It’s Saturday again. This Saturday is different from last week because Karen is back – so there was more homework done and more jobs accomplished around the compound. I kept busy cupboard painting, scraping the front entrance steel door and finished painting the guest bathroom at the HATS Hilton. It looks good with the new Wal-Mart shower curtains and is ready for the next work team on February 10th.

Karen was back in the office catching up on e-mails, reports and Facebook. She also spent time straightening out staff workers and cooking in her kitchen.

Karen and security guard Richard


Karen baking for a party


Karen with office assistants JJ and Ti-Luc

The kids did their chores, homework and then played.

JJ helping Ti-Luc with his homework


Moise can’t believe he has to read the whole chapter, not just the summary.


Hey girls, does this train stop in Pointe Claire? I don’t have an airline ticket to go home.


These guys are NOT in jail, just playing inside.


Josie and Judel practicing for an upcoming Haitian Idol episode

Of course it is great to have Vladimy back at HATS. He looks good and was happy to spend some time today with his brothers and sisters and catch up on the news in their lives.


On hair cut day the barber come to HATS and all the boys get sheared. Jofky sounded like he was having surgery without anesthetic he screamed so loud. Karen negotiated a group rate for all the boys including me but I declined…. maybe next time.

Waiting for a cut.


The barber and his customers.