Child Sponsorship

Hands Across the Sea currently has children in full-time care, ranging in age from 0-18 years, who are cared for in a loving family-style environment. House mothers provide guidance and care for children in all aspects of their lives and take turns sleeping on site with the children. The children are responsible for certain chores in the home and the older children revel in their role as big brothers and big sisters.

It costs only $420 per year or $35 per month to sponsor a child in our Children’s Home.

The children come to us for a variety of reasons such as death of a parent, abandonment, elderly grandparents who are unable to care for a young child, or serious parental disability or illness. We do due diligence to ensure that all children welcomed into our home are truly without other viable family support options in the community. The children often arrive malnourished and with psychological or physical scars. We love each child and work to help them meet their potential socially and academically.

We currently have 17 children in our home. Our newest additions, brothers named Markenson and Dickieson joined the HATS family in August 2015. We are ready to receive additional orphans as the need arises in the community.

In addition to caring for children in our home, we provide support to needy children and families in the community in order to maintain the family unit whenever possible.


You can read more about the children in our care on our Our Kids page.

Sponsorship Options

Please consider sponsoring a child on our Sponsorship Options page.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator.