Today is my last day and I am sad.  It seems like it has gone so fast but I am also happy that I can catch up on all the stuff I have to do at home. Today is Sunday and I am preaching so as I went to get ready earlier I went to put on my shoe but my foot would not go in so I looked in my shoe and saw mud! When did I get mud in my shoe? So I pulled out the mud to find out it was not mud but a spider’s nest with ten of them sleeping in my shoe. I hope that’s not a sign of the kind of day I will have. I read my sermon to Karen last night and she said it was really good but a little long so please pray for patient kids. More later!

I am now finished church and I think it went well. We had 118 in attendance. I love Haitian church with all the singing and almost everyone gets a drum or a tambourine. So much fun and all the kids want to sit next to the blancs so we sorted it out and I had a few Haitian kids on either side. I was worried my message would not translate well but they all said they liked it.

Church at HATS this morning


church service


Heather’s message with translation by Liette

After church we went over to Papa’s or Luckner’s place for a treat of soda. Little Sonson is so cute, so Mom, do you have the room ready for him at home, he’s coming with me!

As soon as we came back more coloring and I drew some pictures of the kids and they were so pleased to give them to Mama, so Karen is going to keep them to hang them on her wall. So cool.

What do you think happened next? More soccer but this time people from the church came to play with us.  I couldn’t keep track of the goals but it seemed like fun and  even Judel got some good kicks in playing with the bigger kids. They all grow up so fast, the first time I came he was a baby.

Fun time for Ti Luc with big sister Liette.


Liette trying to stop Ti Luc’s kic


Vladimy has the ball.


Oops Moise, looks like a goal.


Djemima has an armful when returning from the soccer match.

Now I am ready to eat, check the rest of my suitcase for spiders and get ready for an early morning and long day of travel.