It is Thursday 1:45 pm as I write this and I have no idea what we did on Tuesday or Wednesday BUT I do know what I did this morning.  (At least she remembers something about the past three days ~Karen)

Last night Karen said “tomorrow morning the first person I see at the school with 2 feet, 2 hands and half a brain is going to help me with the text books”……I made a mental note to not be at the school (as I fit the bill exactly)! She is not the only one who fit the bill. . . . but the only one I caught to help me ~Karen) Guess what…I was doing something else and got caught, so from 8:15 to 1:05 (in the heat and humidity) I glued papers in a million?? text books.  The papers stuck to my hands and arms…not from the glue but from the perspiration on my hands and arms.  Even the Haitians think it is hotter than usual and Met David told me it would soon be cold here…..I guess everything is relative!

Always appearing busy when the camera arrives


While appearing busy when the camera is around they always seem to have time for mischief.

Now to find someone to let me know what we did the last 2 days…they are all gone in the truck so this should be short if they don’t return soon!

The other 5 left Monday and with Karen gone with them it was so very quiet here…  is this a hint that I, Karen, was the noisy one before they left  Karen came back….not quite so quiet as Monday BUT still seems empty here.

Jim has been working on Karen’s computers.  Yesterday and today he is working on Luckner’s computers for his Radio Station….they are all in French and have Windows 8 on them so he is struggling with the new program in French.  He will think working on Karen’s two is a breeze after Luckner’s.

Mr Computer working on only three at this time.

Dickie has been doing many jobs waiting for him and many he has noticed and decided to do too.  Today he is building a table for the teachers lunch room at school.

Another work of art by Dickie

Karen hasn’t been doing much, as usual, she does EVERYTHING!  She is here, there, here, there, here, there a million times a day with BIG and small problems awaiting her attention every time she turns around.  Pray for a good Godly couple to come onsite to help!

We have had a lot of laughs,  a lot of them have been about us, some because we are so tired that we get giddy, some because Ti Luc has his mother’s sense of humor and is constantly busy entertaining us.

I have longed for a good rain BUT I guess it is not to be.  We have lightning almost every night and sometimes it is quite spectacular!  We have seen a few rainbows and heard a few good loud claps of thunder BUT for the most part it is sunny and humid!

Yesterday we sorted a lot of dresses and shorts and t shirts and little girls 2 peice sets made lovingly by hands in Springdale, Newfoundland and Meteghan, Nova Scotia.  What fun when the girls came first and we tried on dresses until they had 2 each they wanted and fit.

The new dresses


A lot of fantastic clothes, toys, shoes brought down to bless children in the area


Our princesses Karena & Anne in new dresses

Then the boys came and we got 2 outfits for them…well the little ones did!  We will be passing the rest out into the community where they are badly needed and will be appreciated.

New shorts and tees for the guys

Karen, Jim, Dickie and I had a short walk along the canal last night.  It was short because we were all tired and it was getting dark.  We saw some little goats…the littlest I have ever seen!

New baby goat needed to be carried


Adults enjoying a walk just before dark


Taken on our walk along the canal just before dark

It is time to close for today…have a lot of work to do and the BIG boss is hard to work for so I best get on with my jobs.  Not sure who the BIG boss is she is talking about here – I just know it could not be her loving sister ~ Karen.