I can’t promise this blog will have much humor or excitement… The beach yesterday drained us, we all relaxed last night and slept well but it hadn’t rained last night so it has been really humid again today… it drains even more energy. The beach day was a complete blast everyone had a ball as you’ve seen.. Everyone fell asleep on the way home except poor Ti Luc. He rode with mama in the truck and wasn’t allowed to sleep but Jennifer and I supervised the kids on the bus and everyone fell asleep. Well, I did and I hear all the kids did but I can’t say. Poor Judel was asleep before we even left the parking lot.

Today was Sunday so of course we went to church! It was another beautiful service with lots of singing, instruments and movement. Karen spoke about us for a few minutes and I prayed it was all nice things but it’s hard to know.. the translator forgot we don’t speak creole. At least the parts we understood were nice.

Before church


Let’s go to church Jocelyn


Time to leave for church

I finally got to meet one of my sponsor children today.. He sat by me in church. At first, he pretended he wasn’t stuck next to the blanc and ignored me but eventually he warmed up to m e and we played a little.. I mean, we sat quietly the entire time and sang along with the music.

Jocelyn with her school sponsored boy Berlens

After church we got to pass out a treat to all the children.. cheesies, cookies and a cold pop. Everyone was quite pleased!

Arms full of goodies after church


Enjoying a cold drink and snack after church

After church we all needed a break and Jennifer and I napped in the living room. I completely understand why Haitians like lying on the cement floor. It is the only place to lie that is even remotely cool. It has become my favourite place here. Karen took a photo and claims it is to prove that she doesn’t make us work all the time.. We do get some rest, but I want to set the record straight.. She works us nonstop.. We barely have time to breath, we just collapsed. There is only so much one can do, you know! After our rests though, we were put to work again (typical!!!.. As they say, there ain’t no rest for the wicked)

Am I really this kind of slave driver.

For anyone who knows Karen.. I want to warn you, she is really aging! She blames it on us but today we had to get her a walker just so that she could make it down to the kids home!!

My walker is a little high and not a lot of help but . .


Moved the the Jolly Jumper down so Magdala can watch and jump

This afternoon we also had a birthday party! Magdala is just turning two and Judel is seven. After our party we spent a little time enjoying the kids and then it will be another early night.. We are too tired for anything! Even Ti Luc couldn’t stand up long enough to change his clothes!

Our birthday kids – Magdala and Judel


Wonder how many Judel will grab with that hand


Birthday boy with his godmother.

I can’t believe tomorrow is already our last full day at HATS… One more day of hard work and then we quit! (Just kidding, we were told if we stayed any longer, we wouldn’t survive the heat… I think it is the polite way of saying “I’ll be sick of you by then!!”) Good night!

~J and J