There was a lot of good and routine stuff going on at HATS this week. The day to day operation runs seamlessly and much of the activities happen without apparent prompting or announcement. Of course I only understand or know of about 30% of what goes on around here.

For example I was painting the main room in the administration building on Tuesday when two dudes showed up on a motorbike. They pulled over 2 chairs, asked for an extension cord and voila – a barber shop 💈 opened up. One by one the boys all came for a haircut. I opted out!!

Anne, Karena and Josie found a cool place to do their homework.

After 13 years the living room desperately needed this fresh coat of paint.

Dieunel and Judel in the barbers’ chair.

Meanwhile Moise decided to avoid homework and contemplate his future. 5 minutes later his immediate future included Keif supervised homework.

On Thursday evening we had a fantastic view of the International Space Station rocketing directly overhead HATS. The encounter only lasted 5 minutes but it was very impressive. The kids (especially me) were fascinated with these facts:

  • The Space Station has been in orbit for 18 years
  • It has a crew of 6 astronauts onboard
  • It is travelling at 27, 600 KPH
  • It orbits just over 400KM above earth 🌏
  • The ISS obits the earth 15 times per day

Dickieson and brother Markenson with wide eyed anticipation.

Pouring over the charts and App waiting for the arrival.

There it is! It looks like a bright star tearing across the sky.

The International Space Station.