Some things just don’t change – at least not yet. Work, work, work, busy, busy, busy and then for a change it is more work and busyness. That is life in the fast lane of Haiti – at least at the HATS-Haiti Mission. It is 8:30 pm and while attempting to do this I am also trying to keep my eyes open and trying to keep my head from hitting the keyboard. I was up at 4:15 a.m. and am now quite tired – no exhausted is more like it. Will do this blog, and once more put the rest of the work on hold, and go to bed. If this does not read properly it is because I am doing it in a vegetative state.

Seth and Jessie were able to sleep in their place Friday night as planned. Truly a blessing. A minor bug to iron out yet – a copper attachment to the propane tank on the ground to the hose from their stove upstairs. Can’t find it in this area so perhaps in St. Marc tomorrow.

There was excitement in the air on Friday morning when I drove unto the compound and exited the truck with a baby, the latest addition to our family, in my arms. Anne is a ten month old cutite pitutie girl. Shortly after bringing her into my kitchen I had Jofky and Karena join us. Those two little ones were fascinated and amazed at Anne. Ti Luc wanted to kiss her. Anne was naturally not at ease with a lot of people so I had the other children stay outside in the yard. I could hear the excited voices of my other kids and there they were, cute little faces pressed against the screen door, looking in at their new little sister.

Anne being welcomed by Ti Luc, Jofky & Karena


Other kids looking at their new sister through screen door


Karma with Anne

Friday saw us receive a new shipment of the wonderful Reliv Kid’s Now for our school students. It was unloaded and packed away quickly with the help of the older children. This product has been, and is, a tremendous help to the health of our students. Many thanks to the providers.

Unloading truck of Reliv for our school students


Assembly line of workers to pack away the Reliv shipment

On Saturday morning we had another great visit from Juan Cabrignac and the Argentain Soldiers stationed in St. Marc with the UN. This was the third time they came to visit with us and they plan another visit before their stint is up in June. They brought us clothes, for our children and children in the area, and food. Wow. We are blessed. The soldiers and the children thoroughly enjoyed each other. One of the soldiers is a nurse and she was very helpful to me in regards to Anne’s health. I knew Anne was ill and I was doing my best in treating her. The nurse gave me some important and helpful information and directions. I are going to miss Juan and the soldiers when they leave Haiti.

UN visit Sat Mar 26, 2011


UN nurse helping me with my ill new daughter


Juan and Karen


Two fold blessing – Soldiers and the children

Our school had exams last week, and our elementary students have this week off. Secondary students are continuing to write two days of this week, and then they too will be off until Monday, 4th. My kids are happy about the break but not as happy as their mama is. The big questions is – will I be able to hide in my office for a few hours at a time this week and try to catch up on a few things. Or is that a pipe dream?

We have been continuing our walks along the canal and I am doing early morning walks again on weekends and when school is not in session. Our kids like this a lot and I will share a few photos of our excursions with you, plus one of Judel with a friend on his shoulder and Ti Luc and Karena doing laundry, by hand – oops by feet, as Karena chose to do it the same way big brother Ti Luc does.

Mother & daughter carying water early morning


Judel with a friend on his shoulder


Out for a walk


Enjoying time outside the compound


 Karena doing laundry Ti Luc style

I have not forgotten about continuing blogging about my children. It is a matter of too much to do, in too little time, and not enough energy to go around. It, however, will get done.

Once again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Blessings to all of you.