Ti Luc and I are in Canada and Ti Luc has medical appointments.  We are in Calgary but will visit Dana in Kelowna soon and we will also attend the famous Harambee camp held yearly in the Okanagan for families with adopted children. This will be the first time for Ti Luc.  I expect he will have a blast and won’t be our last time attending.

On Tuesday evening of this week a fantastic concert was performed in my Newfoundland home town of Springdale. This was organized and run by our very special Newfoundland volunteer team members and the beautiful and extremely talented Paula Strowbridge as a fundraiser for the HATS-Haiti Mission.

The concert a huge success on all accounts. The band Chicago Tribute was deemed fantastic by all who attended. The group were touring Newfoundland and the awesome Paula lady, who knew at least one of the band members, was able to get them to do an extra concert in NL at Springdale, where proceeds would be used to help children/students in Haiti through HATS.

Such talent, such energy, such a success. I know this well because I was there.  I was there in person – as a surprise – to all volunteer organizers, family members and friends. A huge thank you goes to Dr Todd Young for making it possible for me to attend and for the success in keeping our plan for me to be at the fundraiser a surprise.  A job well done indeed Todd – we pulled it off.

A big thank you to Paula and all the volunteer team members who work hard for HATS in Haiti and in Newfoundland to make the evening the huge success that it was. Thank you to the band who agreed to add an additional night to their already scheduled tour. I am extremely thankful that I was a part of it.  Thank you to all corporate sponsors and to all who attended.

Together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of the precious children in our area of the Artibonite Valley in Haiti.

HATS-Haiti is –
A L L  A B O U T  TH E  C H I L D R E N