I did not know at my age I could see so many new things….the interesting people we meet out on a walk by the canal….an interesting visit to the local hospital…or a drive into St. Marc. Just stepping outside the gates of the compound is a new experience.

Karen took Mike to the local hospital to register Sonson and Markenson as new residents. The hospital experience for Mike was a real eye opener. When we walked in the front door of the hospital there was a spot to pick up your chart and then another spot to pay for your visit with the doctor. It was a little different from Canada but effective none the less. After our visit at the hospital we took a quick drive around the hospital property and saw the original plantation homes.

On Monday Karen announced that we would be treated to fresh coconut – another new experience for us. So, Eugene and the kids got the ladder and up they went to cut down enough coconuts for everyone – maybe 20 in all.

Eugene and kids and ladder by tree

We decided to let the expert cut open the coconuts for us!

First taste of coconut


Mike’s first taste of fresh coconut milk

We drank the coconut milk and then ate the coconut. It is quite a treat for the kids too!

the youngest ones loving eating coconut

How did we time our trip so well to be here during coconut season? Mango season is just about to start and Jonathan found a fresh one already!

Jonathan and a fresh mango

Coming from eastern Canada, we never thought we would long for rainfall, but here in Haiti rainfall is desperately needed. It came on Monday and Tuesday (although very little). The kids laughed as they ran through the rain.

running in the rain

What a treat to be here “in training” with Keith and Joan. We have spent a few mornings going for early morning walks with them along the canal. The first morning Keith overdid it a little bit – we walked more than 7 km and Mike thought he was going to die! Keith takes one stride for every one and a half Mike has to take! But, they are teaching us the ropes and helping us acquire a little of the language and we are grateful.

beautiful scenery by the canal!

~Mike & Nicki