My first time here in Haiti. Arrived on Tuesday and really didn’t know what to expect. The drive in from the airport was quite different than back in Canada, lots of congestion on streets. I’ve seen most all the different areas of the HATS compound and its amazing how much work has been done over the years. I’ve been busy since I got here taking care of the different jobs Karen needed done.

We found time today to take the kids out for a walk along the canal, it was really nice.  Looking forward to the rest of the week.

Canal Walk
Dishes have never been so clean


Faithful odd job man


Cathy holding beautiful clothes for our kids


Okay. Let’s go play soccer


Three of HATS soccer players


Two cuties in their new dresses

Cathy and Sandra want to thank all of you generous people who donated helmets, everyone now has a helmet and are very proud of them.

New helmets all around

Note from Sandra:
Terry is a man of few words when writing BUT he sure isn’t when talking or teasing me!  Cathy continues to make do without underwear, toothbrush, summer clothes except what she got on the street or from Germaine.  She has realized that we really don’t need a quarter of what we think we do!

…it is all about the children…