My beautiful daughter in law just wrote me of Christmas trees and pumpkin muffins …that was funny. Sitting here once more in Haiti at 30c weather…dripping…So no winter 🙂

You all know how quick this trip came together and how God undertook from the very beginning.  It was all a miracle indeed and I do want to thank everyone that was part of it from the bottom of my heart. On Tuesday morning Rosanna and I headed out and YES _10 bags went free with Air Canada!!!Thank you to our two angels ….And thank you LORD…it was iffy there for a second !
Then we prayed and prayed that all goes well in PAP….No bags to be lost or opened, no duty to be paid …smooth transaction inside airport as we were alone this time .  God did that and more. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to HIM who is so gracious with us . The ride home was long ..but SAFE:) So after a hot night …we started our first day .

What better way to start the day than with worship at school !! So beautiful.

Morning devotions at school


Morning devotions

Rosanna is right in there..teaching kids “high five”…serving out lunch food and hugging, hugging:) I am thrilled to have her here with me. Thank you Louis for letting us go 🙂 XX Of course this is Rosanna’s first trip to Haiti, and she will write you tomorrow:)

Helping serve meal to school students
in school kitchen
Time with the two littlest ones

Today, we mostly unpacked all the bags and divided them. We made over 100 zip locks with a wash cloth, hand towel, soap, toothbrush, tooth paste,Vaseline, nuts. Then we measured out the beans, corn meal, milk powder, oats etc.

Sorting and preparing supplies to be distributed

Karen was so happy to receive the gifts …but much of it will be going to St Mark on Monday where Rosanna and I have the opportunity to deliver it to the people in need there. Galilee from Youth For Christ-Haiti will take us.

After all that we actually got a nap in today… :)-we can’t keep up with Karen LOL- and we had a hard time sleeping last night. Rosanna was getting bitten and I have a sinus cold.

Then we took a quick trip to town to try and buy chicken….but with no success. It turns out there will be lots of opportunity for Rosanna to help with computer work over here. Karen was more than thrilled about that.

Tonight she did a little concert for the kids..she sang one of my faves:”OH HOW HE LOVES US :)”

The voice of an angel concert for the kids

Now, kiddies have a bath, we wind down and thank God for a very meaningful day.

Lots of love
~Barb (with Rosanna)