And life goes on in Haiti, but, at a slower pace due to demonstrations – road blocks, rock throwing, shooting, after the election on Sunday. Not a lot of normalcy is being seen – lots of businesses are closed, schools are closed. Luckner is very involved in trying to calm people down and see that they demonstrate in a peaceful manner.

There was lots of corruption in the election throughout Haiti and the people are taking a stand against how it was done. I stand with the Haitian people in this, but for peaceful demonstrations. I am not Haitian, but this is now my country and I am standing with them for things to change in elections. People need to be able to go to the polls and vote for the person of their choice. Most did not go due to fear. Lots who did go were told they had already voted, when they had not. Polling stations in this area had major problems and corruption. Some were open only a couple of hours.

The election was Sunday. Saturday afternoon, in a town close to the mission, a group for one of the candidates was giving out $2000 and a gun to those who would stand with them and vote for the person of their choice.

Almost all candidates are asking for a re-election due to all the corruption on Sunday. I understand, from a report on the internet, the UN has stated that the election went well and it should stand. I have not heard them say this myself, but if they are saying this …Why? And for whom?

Here on the administration/orphanage compound we are operating with some normalcy today. Yesterday, due to all the problems outside, I allowed employees to leave early. Some have not turned up for work today.

The school remains closed and will stay that way, most likely, until Monday at least. Election results have been promised by Sunday 5th. What will happen then? Will things start to operate in a somewhat normal manner again or will things get even worse? Prayer is needed. Please pray for Haiti and for those making the decisions.

Cholrea continues to spread and the problems from the election are not helping that situation at all. I am trying to figure out I can get more vaccine from Canada to be able to help more people in the area. Medical help for the thousands who are ill is needed, but so is vaccine to prevent more from succumbing to the dreaded illness. I see that vaccination together with treatment is a very real need to see any kind of improvement.

The construction workers are back on site today and the work continues on the Children’s Home – Kay Timbrmart. They are doing preparation to be able to pour the cement roof. There is a lot of extra re-bar and cement going in this house. Some comments have been heard about it being able to support more than one more level, perhaps 2 or 3 should we desire some day.

Ongoing work on Kay Timbrmart

While school is closed the HATS video theatre (as it is lovingly called) at the Children’s Home, is open. The kids get a video a day. It keeps them away from the hot sun and somewhat quiet for a short time.

Kay Timoun Video Theatre

My children have nowhere to play outside and when the new Children’s Home is finished Luckner and I hope to see that rectified. We plan to move the swing set, that our Texas friends did a great job of transporting and putting up on our school compound, over here for the children. Too, I really want to see them have a teeter totter as well as some sort of climbing apparatus. JJ and Moise tried making a teeter totter with two blocks and a piece of wood, as seen here. Perhaps it is better if you do not know some of the things they have used for climbing.

My kids and their teeter totter – blocks & wood

My two littlest ones like to come to the door and call ‘Mama’ when they do not see enough of me. It is adorable to see little Jofky 18 months, and Karena 22 months outside my door calling me. Yesterday I went out the back door to take photos of them looking for me.

Jofky, I’m looking for my mama!!
Jofky & Karena singing Hallelujah

With school out I try to see that Ti Luc does a little work each morning – drawing or writing. Leica and Karena came to play and all three did some drawings for Mama.

Karena, Leica & Ti Luc drawing for Mama

The older children are very good at helping with the younger ones as seen here with Karma and Jofky. But, as in any family, some children are going to get in trouble more than others. I have four very mischievous ones – Josie, Ismyis, Dieunel and Judel. They are all very precious but sure do keep us on our toes.

Karma carrying Jofky

No matter what goes on in the country HATS is here to serve the children of Haiti. ” It Is All About The Children”.

Hebrews 6:10 “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

Let’s continue together to help the precious people of the Artibonite Valley of Haiti.