Our first night on the roof proved to be as noisy as the streets of Port au Prince: lots of barking dogs, crickets, motor bikes, but sleep was quick upon us as the day had been hot and overwhelming – in a good way! Sleeping on the roof in mesh tents was amazing: stars galore and a lovely breeze on the second floor – no walls yet!

Early to rise for breakfast and then Devotions at the compound school: lots of singing and clapping and then a beautiful flag raising.

Devotions at school


Flag raising at school

We played with the little ones as we continued to tour this amazing site.

Maddie with Leica & Ismyis


Carolyn with Jofky


Robyn, Moise and others

Then off in the “HATS tap tap”, or truck – most of us in the box of the pickup – to see the church which is located well out in the countryside, a challenging climb up the hill.

Heading off to see the church where the roof is going


Bob checking it out

Met with some locals and were especially moved by TiFi who, though she cannot speak, took us all by the hand to be introduced to her “grand-maman” after which she brought our hands together and prayed for us. It was very moving.

Lunch then more playtime. 34 degrees did not keep us from an impressive game of basketball and a gymnastics display to rival the Olympics. Many of us are currently sporting stunning new hairstyles courtesy of wee Mirlande.

Josh & Sandra


Noah with monkey doodle Jofky

We are apparently very fortunate this year to be able to leave the compound and so we did some touring of the area; first to the Albert Sweitzer Hospital area and then to Luckner’s to see the radio station.

Two of us stayed there and taught English to the Wednesday afternoon class at the Trade School.

Two new teachers for English class today

Just before dinner, a walk along the canal with the kids. A welcome evening downpour and a cold shower and life is good.

Walk time