It is so great to be back at HATS with Karen and the kids- its been over a year since we moved back home, we’ve missed them so much! And we’re so thankful to have come in with our new friends from Canada. Yesterday was a special day for Jess and I- It was our 3rd anniversary. The 1st anniversary gift is traditionally paper, the 2nd cotton, and I’m pretty sure the 3rd is dirt and sweat- So here we are in Haiti! We were so busy painting and playing with the kids that we hardly had time to even look at each other, we slept in separate tents, and I also have a cold so I couldn’t even give my wife a good kiss. All that being said, we wouldn’t change it for the world! Actually, we realized that we’ve spent more anniversaries here than we have at home now.

Beautiful couple – Happy Anniversary Seth and Jessie

This morning we went to devotions at the school. It is such a treat to sit in with the teachers and kids as they pray and praise God to start off their school day!

Devotions at school

Today was very similar to yesterday- painting, painting, painting- except that today was 10 degrees hotter! (Remember, Jess and I are the only weirdos who think of degrees in Fahrenheit).  I’m pretty sure I’m going to dream in Aqua Chintz tonight!

Painting continuing at school. Brad in supervisor position again

Keith was caught laying down on the job again today, but this time in the boys bathroom. It’s never recommended to lay down in a bathroom in Haiti.

Keith lying down on the job every day


Painting in bathroom


Joan framed and beautiful

Oh, One thing that missed last nights blog was our epic hockey game. The team from Canada brought down hockey sticks with the intention of teaching the kids how to play. We weren’t sure how it would turn out, but things went way smoother than imagined! The kids loved their new sport and the only thing that stopped the game was bedtime. You should have seen Ti Luc dominating the net! And the greatest success- no injuries, and no thrown gloves! Except for Jess and Russ- over an argument about whether Fahrenheit or Celsius is better.

Canadian Hockey in Haiti thanks to Keith


Goalie Ti Luc waiting for action in his end

Tonight we had the blessing of going to Radio Creole! It was a special night, because it was the first time they had guests sing in English, French, and Creole (yes, I soloed – ‘Ba mwen Jesi’.  For the Texas crew called – “I Can Only Imagine”.  For the rest of you it is called  “Give me Jesus”.)  Russ, who is a pastor, also gave a wonderful message in French, as well as singing a duet with Kalei.  Joan and I also gave our two cents worth- Ephesians 3:18, Romans 8:38-39, I’m not sure what Russ’ was because he spoke in French.  Anyway, Radio Creole is such a blessing to be a part of because they glorify Christ in Haiti! So many people know God better because of the station and we know that they will reach many more for Christ. Keep them in your prayers, and do the same for us, because we’re only doing what we’re doing because of God and your support!

Evening at Radio Creole with The Man – Luckner


Louise singing like an angel at Radio Creole


Russ and Kalei duet on the radio


Keith and The Man

Thanks and God bless you!