And we are back! Yup, Joan and I arrived back at HATS last evening. What a wonderful Easter break we had with our family. We are here for a shorter period this trip, only a 2 week vacation this time.

We had an excellent flight direct from Montreal on Air Canada (best North American airline 5 years running). We even arrived 10 minutes early. Within 45 minutes we had all 4 bags of loot for the orphanage and had breezed through immigration and customs.


On descent to Port au Prince


Air Canada Rouge in PAP

Daniel met us with the rental van and driver. We had quite a civilized drive up to Deschapelle. Usually the driver is trying to break some Haitian speed record, passing on blind corners and wearing out his horn all at once. The key to this calm drive was the driver’s wife was with him. Good to know.

For our return to the airport we should rent the van the driver AND the wife!

What a warm welcome at the compound…and not just the heat and the humidity.


We left this in Montreal


For this in Haiti

The kids were SOOOO glad to see us and I think Karen was too. They had a poster: Welcome Home Keif and Jon.


Welcome Poster


Welcome committee




Happiness is…

They were singing, dancing, hugging and giggles to welcome us. It’s great to be back. Now it’s time to start work and get ready for the team arriving on Friday. Their job is to paint the exterior of the church.

Color to be determined…Stay tuned.