Day 2 and we are all done in……

Today was warmer than yesterday and Shondi and I are both sun burned, Dickie is not feeling well and Jim is a little off his oats today.

We went to devotions on the compound today and it was a delight as always. Karen was not there to translate for most of it so they didn’t know what we said and we didn’t know what they said. We worshipped together though. Computer work and carpentry kept the men busy. Cleaning and reorganizing started our work day.

Dickie & Jim – carpentry work

Soon, however, we were called to the school to assist Mariah in the field with her class and then Shondi & I supervised the lunch hour…what a riot. I came home beat, that was a BIG job.

Mariah’s class


Back to the classroom

This afternoon we brought out the roller blades and you should have seen the kids…..Mariah donned a pair of skates and demonstrated…..they all thought they would put the skates on and do what she did. They required a lot of help. It was so much fun but it was hot and hard work at the same time. I even had to help hold Karen up as she tried out wheelies.

Dieunel on rollerblades


Ti Luc rollerblading




Moise & Vladimy


Sandra holding Karen up

We went to Luckner’s radio studio for a visit and cold drinks, then home for supper. We had diri avek pwa kongo (rice & beans).

Off to Luckner’s

Mariah is doing her class preparation work for tomorrow, Karen & Jim just visited the children’s home and said goodnight and dosed up the sick ones. Dickie is resting and Shondi showering.

Tomorrow the goats come so it should be an interesting day.