Today we’d like to take a moment to introduce each of the kids to those of you reading the blog who don’t know them. And to thank everyone who donated a Christmas present for the kids. The presents are all safely tucked away until Christmas day when they’ll bring joy to the kids.

We’ll go from oldest to youngest.

This is Vladimy (16). A sensitive, helpful boy, he loves soccer and listening to the radio.


TiFi (11). She loves people and is learning more words every day. TiFi is mentally challenged.


This is Mirlande (10). She is inquisitive, intelligent and bossy.


This is JJ (10). JJ is energetic, loves to learn and loves sports.


This is Moise (9). Sweet-natured and helpful, he loves to play with Ti Luc.


This is Dieumima (9). Intelligent and kind, she loves to walk along the river.


This is Leica (7). Affectionate and fun-loving, she loves to laugh.


This is Ti Luc (6). Smart and determined, he loves to interact and play jokes on people.


This is Karma (6). She loves people and has the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.


This is Josie (6). Laid-back and cute, she likes to braid visitors’ hair.
This is Ismyis (5). Energetic and super affectionate, she loves to swing in the kids’ playground.
This is Dieumel (5). Sweet-tempered and athletic, he can be found climbing the monkey bars.
This is Judel (4). Impossible to ignore, Judel will hold your hand and steal your heart.
This is Karena (3). Smart as a whip and with an amazing smile, Karena loves to play house and tell the other young kids what to do.


This is Jofky (2). Karena’s best friend, Jofky can be moody, but is sweet nonetheless.
This is Anne (1 1/2). Anne is quiet and sweet, watching the other kids run all around her.
This is Sandra (6 months). Calm and happy, Sandra has the best baby smile and laugh ever!
This is Jonathan (6 weeks). This tiny guy loves to be snuggled and held.

That’s it for today! More tomorrow from Liette, Yvette and the HATS gang.