Sensory overload, we were warned, and sure enough, the airport was chaos but what seemed at first to be a jungle of randomly parked cars was swiftly and impressively negotiated by Karen who managed the situation with great skill and diplomacy and we were soon on our way through the crowded streets of Port au Prince.

Any of these the HATS team


Well, we made it outside at least

Culture shock for this Canadian team at first, but a ride through busy, vibrant streets proved terrifically interesting; busy markets, vendors selling exotic fruits, clothing and shoes, used tires and rusty metal… and then the gorgeous countryside: banana plants, mangoes, cows and goats and pigs and dogs, the Golfe de La Gonave by our side. Rice patties indicated we were close to our home for the next week. We were greeted by Magalie, a house mother, with hugs for all and, of course, the children themselves, so gorgeous and endearing. A beautiful meal was followed by a sharing of impressions: there is a lot of poverty but so much potential and hope.

A noisy ride home on the bus

We are sleepy but really looking forward to tomorrow. This is a great team and we are already in love with Haiti.