It has been an amazing first few days so far. So happy to see everyone I hold dear to my heart. All the house moms and the HATS staff, all the kids and especially my grandmother and Luckner. I love every minute here and I am glad I have the chance to spend three months in Haiti. I am doing extra work with Ti Luckner and Leica with their schooling. I have the chance to teach gymnastics to the children and also the house mothers (who love to take part). The gymnastics class is for an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and also Fridays. I find it is great exercise for everyone and so much fun. Everyone loves it! I will be possibly working in the school (once it opens) in order to help children with their English. I will also be painting and just being a helping hand to whatever Karen (my grandma) needs doing.

Mariah & Karen


Mariah doing gymnastic class with my kids


Mariah doing schooling with Ti Luc


Mariah helping Leica with homework

Walks along the canal are a big hit and me carrying little Sandra is a blast. Most of the little kids being pushed in the stroller fall asleep along the way however everyone else seems to have a fabulous time. I enjoy every minute I pass here in Haiti and so thankful I arrived safely.

Mariah with Ti Sandra