School is in operation and the work load is horrific.  It, however, must be done for the children.  HATS always has been, and always will be,   “ALL  ABOUT  THE   CHILDREN”.

Our children were happy to return to school.  They all received new backpacks, including Ti Fi, Jonathan and Sandra.  Such excitement.

New backpacks for school. Even TiFi, Sandra and Jonathan have one


Ti Fi likes her backpack


Vladimy off for first day of Seconde (Gr. 11)


First day of school for this year

During the first week of school every year you can hear crying from the new little ones.  The kids are excited about the idea of preschool, playing with other children, and starting to learn.  When, however, they have to leave their mamas for a few hours it is a different story for some of them.  In most cases the children are enjoying themselves at end of week one.  We are thankful that we have caring understanding teachers with the students.  This year we have two teachers in the preschool 1 and 2 classes and one teacher in preschool 3.  Hopefully next year we will be able to add a second teacher to some of the other classes.  It is a definite need for our school.

Some boys from Preschool 2


Preschool 2 with Rose Lore as their teacher


Preschool 2

If you want to help make a difference in the life of a student, and the student’s family, we offer you the chance to become a sponsor.  We are in need of sponsors – especially for our little ones.  I am including some photos of our preschool students.  If you are willing to sponsor a student you can get in touch with Liette Wilson at  Too, forms are available on our website  Cost for the year for elementary – preschool to grade six is $275.  Cost for grades 7 and up is $375 for the year.  Your student will  be receiving a uniform, textbooks, schooling fees paid, a nutritious drink and a hot meal five days a week.  Often the nutrition they receive at school is all they receive for the day.

Sponsor needed – preschool 1 student


Preschool 1 in need of a sponsor

In school news too we are happy to report that our large order of food from the mission in the US – Kids Against Hunger – was packed into our storage depot early Sunday morning before church.  We are thanking God that this year once again the children will be fed five days a week.  This huge unloading and packing job was done with a lot of help from Brad; the three muskateers – JJ, Moise and Peter; two of our security agents, Richard and Gesner; Eugene; and two men from Luckner’s area.  Ti Luc needed to be able to help too.    “Reliv Kid’s Now”  the highly nutritious drink powder, which is a gift from God for our students, has also arrived.  Since we have been blessed with this we have seen many students start out at our school looking malnourished – but before long start looking healthy.

Unloading the truck


Ti Luc had to be helping too


Into the storage room it goes

We are very thankful to Reliv Kid’s Now and to Kids Against Hunger for these food sources for the very poor children in this area who are greatly benefiting.

Thank you, too, to all of you who are sponsoring the students at our school.  You truly are making a huge difference in the life of the student.  Being able to attend school gives the student and the families hope.  Proverbs 13:12  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”  Let’s continue to give hope where hope is needed.  Those of you who are new to our sponsoring program this year, will within the next week or so, receive the name and grade of your student and as soon as possible also a photo.

Thank you so very much for continuing to support HATS, in any and every way.  Doing so  means you are supporting children who are definitely in the need of help.


God bless you all.