These days I seem to eat, sleep, and dream school, school, school. I was overworked and overtired before school reopened.  Yikes.  Now I am like a chicken whose head has just been removed on the chopping block.  I keep going, going, going, a lot of time in circles.   Am I getting something done at the school?  For the school?   With the school?   I certainly hope so.

This is the second week since school reopened.  The cement work we had done this summer on the elementary section and the new, almost finished, kitchen, has improved things greatly.  Students are hungry but we have not yet been able to feed them.  Hopefully by Monday we will be serving them a meal.

Getting cement basin in place in school kitchen


Amazing that Luckner talked that driver into coming to the school and spreading the gravel for us

The school classrooms and facilities are very important to the running of the school, but the most important thing about the school IMKH is the student population.  We have several new students – first time students in our preschool 1 program, of course, and several new students in various grades.  Parents have registered a number of new students with us because the word on the street is
‘the HATS school – IMKH – is a good school with rules that must be followed and where students and teachers must arrive on time. ‘  One other thing they see as important about our school is that we are here to help all students receive an education and not just those that some schools call ‘the cream’.   Too often other students are left behind – fall through the cracks so to speak.

First day of school assembly. (Less than half students there)

Thank you to all the continuing sponsors and to all of our new sponsors this year.  We are still in need of sponsors for twelve students for this school year.  They are in grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, and preschool 1.  Anyone else willing to pay for a student to receive an education – $275/year for an elementary and $375 for a secondary student – please get in touch with Dickie or Sandra MacDonald –– or with me.

Preschool One students returning from a short walk

Our kids are all doing well.  The older ones are settling back into the routine of school, homework and study – well some are settling into it more easily than others.  Jofky misses Karena in the
mornings.  The first week he cried when Karena left without him. Karena in turn cried to return to Jofky on day one and day two of school. She wanted to quit school.  This week, however, Karena is settling down with the other little students and Jofky and Anne are playing well together.

Preschool 1 with Karena at the blackboard


Grade 2 with Ti Luc and Leica

Ti Luc turned 7 on Sunday and so we had a ‘ti fet’ for him.  He wants everyone to know he is a big boy now.  Speaking of Ti Luc the adoption, since it has been in someone else’s hands, is progressing
nicely.  I hope for a passport soon and then will be looking for a visa for him.

Ti Luc’s birthday
Ti Luc’s birthday

The team returned to Canada last Saturday.  They were a great group and have been missed this week.   The evening before they left Mariah returned to her house to find some mischief makers had gotten there.  Her doorknobs were wet and slippery.  Inside it looked like it had been ransacked by thieves.  Most likely a couple of the guys on the team had some fun.  I am totally innocent this time.  My fun mischief making ended a few months ago.  It is difficult for me but I am staying on the straight and narrow these days.  Staid and serious is not the real me, but I am working at it.

Mariah’s place after a couple of team members sneaked inside


Morning arrival at airport to return to Canada

Again, a huge thank you to all of you.  Thank you for standing with us and for us.   We love you, we need you, and we appreciate you.

Remember:  One child’s life being changed is more important than all the material things this world has to offer.


~Karen and kids