The main topic of discussion around HATS again is school, school, school. Yikes, I thought we were going to get a little break from school – but not really.

Construction started on the new kitchen just after school finished at end of June. The work was held up due to lack of cement available in the country. Luckner was able to find small amounts here and there so the work could be restarted. The cost of cement has risen throughout the country and there is still not a lot available. Luckner wants to see the kitchen project finished by this weekend so when he finds more cement he can get work started on the second project of finishing the work on the elementary section of the school.

Working on school kitchen


The cement Luckner was able to find being put into depot overnight.


School kitchen with Moise & Jonathan

All this week our school office is open for registering for school for September. Next week we have to go to St. Marc to purchase fabric for uniforms for all students in the sponsoring program. That will all need to be measured and cut and distributed to the parents of the students. Then the horrible job of purchasing textbooks to distribute to the students in 12 different classes begins. NO REST FOR THE WEARY HERE!

School registration for Sept underway


A different school office registration

We have some students needing a sponsor. Anyone willing to do so please check our website or contact Dickie MacDonald at for information regarding sponsoring.


If you have been following the blogs you realize we had two house mothers pregnant and due to deliver babies this week. Antoinette took her maternity leave quite early and still no baby has arrived. Magalie took her leave last Saturday and yesterday, Tuesday, she gave birth to a baby girl. Due to Antoinette and Magalie needing extended leave we have some new house mothers on site. The children are being well cared for. Baby Jonathan has become very attached to me and yells and cries if I do not take him.

Sandra & Jonathan wanting the same doll


Jonathan says ‘I have it’.


Sandra says ‘Oh no you don’t Jonathan’

Next week we will be having a visit from Jessie and Seth. They are excited about returning to see the children. They are doing so sooner, instead of later, as they have been blessed with Jessie getting a full time teaching position starting in August. Thus it is come now or have to wait until next summer. It will be good for all of us to have them back for a short time.

HATS kids singing in church

Everyone is missing Mariah and looking forward to when she rejoins us for a few more months. The children await her return and I am looking forward to her help once again. Too, I am really looking forward to the day when Brad and Lois Reimer and their two children arrive to live here. I look forward to being able to share, and to delegate, some of the work load that I have to carry. Oh happy day it will be when they join me!!!

Sandra with tambourine and clapping at same time

Thank you once again for your many varied means of support that enables the work for the children, here on site and at the school, to continue.

May God bless each and every one of you.