Today all HATS elementary kids enjoyed being home.  They were wound up and being quite goofy this morning whenever they saw me with the camera.

Is this really funny Mama?


Girls not to be outdone by boys.

Their school exams finished yesterday so today started with devotions with employees and mama, followed by play time, movie, soccer, and afternoon walk and fun outside the compound.  It was a good day for us all. Our three secondary students will get their break starting next Wednesday.

Morning devotions. School break started for young ones.


Cute armful for JJ


Sonson makes a cute little Santa.


Morning chores time. Ti Luc washing garbage can.

Yesterday when the last exam was written there was a rehearsal for a Christmas pageant on the 18th which will be coupled with a special Christmas dinner (thanks to the generosity of the group from Yarmouth).  Party time at the school.  Our Josie, Dieunel and Judel were proudly saying their parts in the Christmas program rehearsal and watching mama from the corner of their eyes at the same time.

Practice for Christmas skit on 18th at our Christmas party. Our own Josie in centre saying her part.


Three preschoolers wanted their photo taken

Our Christmas tree is up, in the administration building gallery, and looks beautiful.  The children did most of it this year.  Too, all extra lights have been put up in the gallery and outside all three houses.  The children eagerly await 5:00 pm daily for the generator to start to enjoy the lights.

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the administration building at HATS


Kids are very excited about the tree and lots of lights in gallery of administration building.

I am glad school will be finished for a couple of weeks on Wednesday.  Yay, yay and YAY!!   That means more time to work on what is behind on this compound, and more importantly – more time with the children.

Thanking God for these children – each and every one of them.

HATS-Haiti is   A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N