This time to Keith and his team.  Thank you Keith, Joan, Russ, Louise, Jessie, Seth.  Thank you for everything – physical, spiritual, fun, laughter, encouragement.  It was a full and rewarding short week.

What a week.  And a six day week at that due to the airplane from Brazil blocking the Port au Prince runway on the day the team should have landed.  We, however, packed a lot into the shortened week.

Keith – the team leader.  Keith has spent a good part of his life ‘in the air’.  While here he tended to spend a good part of his time ‘on the ground’ and I mean on the ground literally.They all worked hard in intense heat – well some harder than others because team leader, Keith, was infamous for lying down on the job, as you are well aware if you have been following their blogs.  He even did so in sports with the children-  as goalie for soccer and for hockey.  I was surprised to actually see him do two things one day in a sitting and a kneeling position.   Perhaps though Keith was actually smarter than his team members as we do encourage them to take rests due to the heat.  Keith took that advice quite literally and ran with it.  What a guy.

Wow, Keith is doing something but not lying down

Joan – a very special lady indeed.  Not quite sure what Keith did to deserve this lady but whatever it was he must still be doing it.  She was on the go here, there and everywhere and helping in every possible way.  Joan, however, worked on her feet like most people and thankfully no matter how much she loves her husband she did not follow his example of lying down on the job.

Joan framed, beautiful and working standing up. How special is that!

Russ – a pastor who had his hands in many different things while here.  He gave the message in church on Sunday which seemed to almost wipe him out. Must have been the church service that did that to him.  Could not have been the intense heat, humidity, going and doing, etc .  Not at all.   He, however, had the good sense some of us do not have (speaking of myself here) and lay down to rest to be rejuvenated.

Pastor Russ after his message at HATS church service

Russ gave Ti Luc, and me, great encouragement, for which I am very thankful.  He also was involved in everything else that was going on.  He painted, played with the kids, and washed dishes for which Germaine was very thankful, but also surprised.

Russ is good for more than singing and preaching

Louise was fantastic with the children.  She has a gentle loving way that could draw any child out.  She played with them, taught them, read to them, sang with them.  She too was invloved with painting, etc and enjoyed sharing with the employees.

Louise – fantastic with children

Jessie and Seth – happy to be back to see the children (all of us a little maybe but especially the children).  Good to have them back for a visit.  Jessie has a knack with children and loves to play with, and teach, them.  That makes her great in her chosen profession as a teacher.  Seth, too, is great with children and he and Jessie spent a fair amount of time with the kids.  It goes without saying our kids loved every minute of it – lots of games, running, skipping, singing, etc.  Seeing Jessie and Seth with paint brushes and rollers in their hands made it seem like they had not really left here.  There is no doubt God will continue to use this young couple, wherever they live, to help children to blossom and bloom.

Beautiful Jessie ‘inside and out’


Same goes for Seth

Thanks again.  God bless all of you.

Goodbye hugs


Joan & Keith won’t be doing much travelling like this back in Canada


Airport arrival


Bye, come back please

At HATS it always has been and always will be:
A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N

~Karen and the children