T.G.I.F. Yeah, tomorrow is Saturday. Everyone loves the weekends and the kids at HATS are no different than their counterparts in North America in that regard. No school, a chance to hang out with friends and a change in the school day routine.

With the older kids, Joan and I will start the day with a canal walk. We are usually out for an hour and have 4 or 5 different 5km. routes we are trying.

After breakfast then it is laundry time for the older ones.

JJ is unclear on the concept…. Take Sonson’s clothes off first.


That’s better JJ and Moise


Leika hard at work


Josie and Karena are happy while they work

While the laundry is being done, the little ones just play. What a great life.

The local hangout


Markensen providing some boy power for Sonson and Sandra


Hang on Magdela – there’s going to be turbulence


What’s play time without snacks?? Right Markensen?

In the heat of the afternoon it’s time to hide in the shade. Whose turn is it to pick this afternoon’s video?

Everybody loves a video

After all the chores are done AND the afternoon heat has waned it’s time for some soccer or hockey or basketball or a canal walk with the little ones before suppertime and lights out.

Soccer time

Early to bed – tomorrow is church day.

It’s all about the kids…