It’s Saturday morning here at HATS. A slower start to the day as the Delco (generator) did not go on at 5:30 a.m. and wake up the kids. I started hearing the kids around 6:30 as I was out for a walk round and round the compound and I thought you might like to know what a Saturday looks like for the kids.

Jonathan the model, Karena the designer


The Ninga Turtles are alive and well!

A soccer game is always on the go between the girls and boys home and this morning all the younger ones had a go at the game.

Jonathan, Anne and Ti-Luc


Dieunel scored that one!

The older ones all have chores to do so the boys were in the kitchen this morning…..

Moise and JJ washing up.

And the girls were helping Cifila with the laundry.

Leica and Djemima with Cifila

The soccer uniforms that you have seen over the past week at school ended up over here and they were washed on Friday ….

on the basketball cement slab,

then they were dried…

on the Devotion room floor overnight

because it rained. Then…

on the fence and lines across the hockey cement slab this morning.

Thank you, thank you to all who sent down the uniforms, the kids are over the moon to have proper uniforms.

Keith and I had our chores too, Karen wanted the trees trimmed so the sun could get at the clothes lines and the kids clothes would not have to be on the concrete to dry.

TiFi and Jofky are a great help.

Now, it just would not be Saturday without a movie and popcorn.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the latest one.

Yummy popcorn and the universal TV stare.

What a great day! It’s all about the kids.