Another great day in Haiti.  The past 2 days have been overcast and the temperature has been much cooler.  We had a glorious rain last night and hopefully we will get another tonight.

Luckner told us that this morning 8 people, in this area, had to be rushed to hospital with cholera, and one died.  They suspect it was from the heavy rain that washed things down from the mountains.  Another bit of sad news is that someone contaminated the water supply in Deschapelles with gasoline last night so the whole Deschapelles area has no water today.  HATS is okay, they have their own well.

We have only one more day!  It will be a good day with church and a fun afternoon with the children.

We will put up a few photos and some explanations for them.

Don’t ask.  We don’t tell.


You may ask.  We will tell.


What you say Uncle Bob


Ti Luc and Ti Fi holding hands in devotions


Saturday morning bike marathon at HATS


Bike marathon continues


Gorgeous person, gorgeous scenery


Goodies brought down by Don from a dear friend in Springdale


Rising to the challenge.