Wow, here we are back in Haiti at the HATS (Hands across the Sea) orphanage and school again. Joan and I had an uneventful flight (just the way I like them) from Montreal to Port au Prince on Tuesday. Thanks to The Air Canada Foundation and Kid’s Horizons we had all the excess baggage fees waived for this trip. SOOOOO, instead of two hockey bags we brought eight!! Each weight the maximum 23 kgs and were loaded with tools, school supplies, soccer and sports equipment, diapers, clothes, snacks, school bags and gifts for the kids and the operation. Thank you friends and family for your donations.

We had a noisy and warm welcome from the kids and they were genuinely pleased to have us back here. We quickly slipped into our Haiti rhythm, waking up at 5:30, a walk along the canal for an hour, breakfast, devotions and check the job list…

Every morning the Ladies Executive Council meet to decide the day’s activities.

Executive council members Karen, Joan and Sandra.

The jobs are posted on the office door and you can see I am getting off a little easy to start this tour. But, I already have completed 2/3s of my mandate.

That will soon change as Dickie, Sandra and Jim head home on Tuesday and there will only be one job list – MINE!!

The Do Lists

Then everyone goes about their business doing whatever it is they do.

Dickie at the repair table this time with a chair


Jim at the IT desk


Keith with the computer class, making sure the students are typing with multiple fingers not just 2 like their teacher.

I took pictures of the new boys, framed them and hung them to complete Karen’s kids’ wall.




The three wise men met to ponder the mystery of no hot water at Madame Joan’s cottage and in no time flat it was fixed. What a team!!

Tomorrow we start over and see what the day brings.

Good times.