We’re happy to say that we’ve arrived safely in Deschapelles, Haiti. We flew into Port-au-Prince early this am and were already at Hands Across the Sea shortly after noon. We had a chance to peek into the classrooms at the school, including seeing Mariah teach her preschool class!

The kids were all so happy to see us, except for Jofky, who is reserving judgement for the moment.

Jofky’s just not too sure yet

This afternoon was spent organizing the donated gifts into bins to await Christmas as well as organizing the diapers and formula for the babies. We had a chance to hold babies too! Late afternoon as an English pronunciation / speaking class at Luckner’s trade school with an enthusiastic group of students aged 12-27 years old. After games and hugs with the kids, it was soupe joumou for dinner.

Yvette hard at work

Tomorrow will be a big day as we start the process of getting all of the students photographed and their letters written to their sponsors in Canada or the U.S. We’re hoping to get a lot done tomorrow as the schools are closed Friday for a National holiday.

We’re hot, but happy to be here!

~Liette and Yvette