It is with a lot of sadness in my heart that I write this. My precious 18-year-old daughter, Serlande, went to be with the Lord today. I can say it this way, because Serlande had accepted the Lord and was truly serving Him. Serlande had diabetes, but we expected her to live a long life. We had many times discussed her future and made plans together. It, however, was not to be.

December 2008 – Serlande with a beautiful smile and a kind heart.

When Serlande became ill she could not be seen by a doctor for four days due to the numerous life threatening injuries caused by the earthquake. The hospital, and the grounds outside the hospital, were filled to overflowing. Too, when she was finally seen by a doctor she could not get necessary medical tests due to huge lineups for lab work. Serlande was admitted for the second time 2:00 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19th. She has been in the hospital since then. Her blood sugar levels kept swinging up and down but it was finally stabilized. Numerous tests were done. There were, however, some other things the doctors wanted to check but could not due to lack of supplies for the tests. Due to the quake these things were not available anywhere in Haiti. The doctors did everything possible for Serlande but I felt that sometimes they were working with their hands tied, so to speak.

This photo of Serlande and I was taken less than an hour before she died. When she took her last breath I was very thankful that Luckner was at the hospital with me. I rushed home to tell my other children myself, and also to tell the employees. Luckner handled the hospital and morgue end of things for me for which was a tremendous help.

I am very happy that my wonderful brother-in-law, Dickie will be arriving tomorrow. Too, I am really thankful that a friend, Carol, from the US, is arriving with Dickie. God is sending in necessary support. Next week, my brother, Don, who has been here a few times already, my brother, Ken, coming for the first time, and my cousin, Jim, who was here with the workteam, and evacuated out with the group after the quake, are arriving to help as well. I am truly feeling the need to have them here. I am so looking forward to being able to relax and letting someone else carry some of the load with me. They will all sleep out in the yard, along with Ti Luc and I. Until the necessary changes and repairs are made there will not be anyone sleeping inside this house.

I will continue to try and blog regularly. While I have others here I will encourage them to do some as well, to tell how things are here from their perspective.

All schools in Haiti have been closed since the earthquake. Today the repairs on the damage to our school were finished. If, however, the government announces that schools will reopen on Monday we will not due to Serlande. Her death will affect every student and teacher in our school. We will remain closed next week in honour and respect for Serlande and for my other ‘HATS’ children.