My last blog showed photos of a happy day with the children. Today’s blog is different.  It is about sadness over a death of one of our teachers and sickness of my kids.  This week has been very sad, very stressful, and very difficult.  I am extremely tired but I want to get in touch with our followers before falling on my comfortable bed.

Last Sunday one of our teachers at the HATS school, IMKH, died unexpectedly – a shock to everyone. This was her forth year working at our school in preschool 2. Her 4-year-old daughter attends our school.  Her death leaves a hole and a lot of sadness and grieving.

To make matters worse the leader of our school, IMKH’s director Luckner, was in Canada when it happened.  He was badly needed here but could not return before Tuesday night.  He and I did a lot of phone texting and talking because of what happened.  We closed the school, preschool 1-3 and grades 1- 6 for two days, Monday and Tuesday.  We reopened on Wednesday with Luckner at the helm once more. I was extremely thankful to have him back.

The funeral will be held tomorrow morning, Saturday.  Our teachers, in their school uniforms, will be singing in the service (hoping they can hold it together to do it).  A large number of our students, which includes JJ, Moise and Djemima, will also be attending, also in their school uniforms.

This week I have also been dealing with most of my children sick with high fevers, headaches, colds, and some of them vomiting – for 5 – 7 days.  I have had 11 of 15 children sick this week at the same time.  I was needed at the school and I was needed at home – so I ran back and forth, and I mean ran.  You can probably imagine it was not easy to handle without having someone here to help.  Our housemothers have been great but I can’t give them the responsibility of giving medications. I was Dr. Mama this week with her own clinic – a modern day Florence Nightingale – but with a flashlight instead of a lamp.

I have continued to give God thanks that I do not have it, and most of the employees have avoided it.  Am giving thanks too for the children that have come through and those that are nearing the end.  As of this afternoon I was still treating Dieunel, Jofky, Josie, Karena and Anne.  I thought for sure I was on the homeward stretch, but tonight Vladimy went under with it.

I am including some photos of the children when sick. They all chose the floor over a bed as it is cooler there.  Being a blan and feeling sorry for them on the cement floor I would stick a piece of foam underneath them.  They would wake up and throw it to one side as it
made them feel hotter.  They like only sheets on the cement floor.

Jofky – his first day feeling sick


Jofky Day 3 being sick


Dieunel, Judel and Jofky – all with fevers


Judel with a high fever


Day 5 Dieunel made it from the floor to a bench


Jonathan – vomiting and fever


Judel – Day 5 – with fever down due to meds


Fevers up and down. Can now sit up for awhile and look at books

There is never a dull moment here at HATS.  You have no idea what is going to hit next or where.  One thing, however, I absolutely do know is that God is good – all the time – and I need to give thanks all the time.

Right now I am thanking God and I am thanking you.  Thanks for the words of encouragement on emails which let me know you are with me even though not physically.  It means more than you will ever know.

No matter what happens, where it might happen, or how tired our bodies become in the midst of difficult circumstances, we will always keep putting one tired foot before the other for the sake of the children.


With love and blessings from the HATS-Haiti Mission.