Our favorite day in Haiti every year is Sunday.  For at least one Sunday every year we experience an aerobic worship service and today was that day. While we may not understand the words that are being sung we certainly know and appreciate the spirit with which the service is led. We also appreciate the mid-worship water break.  This is something that church leadership in North America have not quite embraced or found necessary due to the efficient central heating and air systems prevalent in our worship facilities as well as the fact that Yolene (Deschapelle’s most prominent aerobic  leader) has not brought her worship team to North America – just yet.

After sweat flowed from our brow from the worship session, Brooks brought a wonderful word that Karen ‘translated’ into whatever was on her heart and mind at the time.  Team Texas closed the service with a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace.  Certainly the tone and pitch of our melodies have been enhanced greatly since Kyle and Morgan joined the team and since Brooks, Julie ‘American’ and David realized they should lip sync most of the words.

Brooks Preaching


Team Texas singing


HATS kids showing Team Texas how it’s done

This also calls into question why Luckner planned his vacation to Montreal during the exact same time that Team Texas was in Haiti. Could it be that Team Texas is not the No.1 rated guest performer on Radio Creole 104.7, and Luckner did not have the heart to break the news to us face to face?  Surely not…Kirk Franklin, Mercy Me and the Gaither Vocal Band would be certainly be disappointed if they knew their message of hope and love was not being belted over the airwaves in the Artibonite Valley.

After lunch, Brooks presented his famous trick show.  The kids were spellbound and the house mothers were a little shocked it could be done.

Audience waits for the show

Perhaps, Brooks’ greatest ‘trick’ of the day was the hypnosis of Karen during which the Texas Team took a Sabbath rest with Karen’s encouragement.  Once Karen woke from the hypnotic state, it was back to work – well it was actually back to sidewalk chalk and a walk along the canal.

Walk along the canal

All and all, it was a nice, calm and peaceful day at our favorite non beach resort in Haiti.

Tomorrow, we must paint trim, finish the utility room cabinet and install the new hot tin roof or Keith says that we will not be able to leave on Tuesday morning.

Update to follow Monday night.

 ~Brooks and David