We had a nice relaxing morning getting ready for church which started at 9:30 over at the school. What a lovely sight to see the children all dressed up for this special morning. The service was uplifting and fun, with tambourines and shakers and wonderful voices filling the air. Rebecca and Kathleen shared with the group. They used toothpaste as an analogy to remind us that what we say can never “get” back into our mouths (just like the toothpaste can never fit back in the tube)…so always be wary of what words we use. Are we using words that heal, or words that hurt? What a lesson for the little ones, and a HUGE reminder to the grownups.

on our way to church

We had a special surprise at church today: Karen and her Ugly Stick. Now if you are a Newfie, you will totally get this…if not…well, enjoy it J

a surprise visitor

Of course the team has been practicing to sing at Radio Creole tonight, so we were given an opportunity to belt it out to the congregation. I think we did quite well singing “Serve Him” in Creole with our English accents and “delightful” voices, and we were so good that we got everyone to clap and eventually join in with us (hee hee).We have decided to take it on the road back in Canada so that we can help raise money for HATS J

Sam, Rebecca, Beate & Kathleen


Mirlande reading Psalm

Then the children got up to perform, and we decided that our act just won’t do anymore…they were so fantastic. Even Judel and Dieunel got up for the first time to sing in front of everyone. We were so proud of them.

Karen’s kids singing in church
Judel & Dieunel singing for us

We worked around the compound today and entertained the kids. The children had a special Sunday dinner which we got to see. There’s nothing like rice and beans and fried chicken (and greasy, smiling faces)…yummmmmyyyyyy. And….we got to have same meal. Thanks to Germaine and Marguerite for preparing this special dinner for us.

the children enjoying their Sunday meal


McGuiver  and McGuiver Junior measuring benches

Okay, now we have to run to the radio station. Wish us luck…we’ll need it ha ha ha ha….

Sooooooo, we’re back. What a crazy time we had on Radio Creole. We thought we only had to sing a couple of songs, thank you very much! But ohhhh noooooo, Luckner planned to have us on for THIRTY MINUTES!!!! We laughed and laughed and laughed. Just how does one fill dead air? With talk about the weather of course…and how about tongue twisters? “Hey Sam, explain to our good listeners: exactly what are rubber baby buggy bumpers?” Well, Sam, you couldn’t have done a better job. I have never before heard rubber baby bumpers be so eloquently explained.

oh,they should be on my ears
the star singers
Sam, your mother would be proud
okay, 30 minutes is nothing
Luckner, thank you so much for the opportunity

We will truly miss our time here at HATS. Haiti is a country of drastic contrasts. The people here need so much help and guidance, but at the same time, Haitians are beautiful, proud people from whom we can learn so much. God Bless.