Sunday is a favorite of many visiting teams to HATS, I know it is one of mine. It is a quieter pace than most days although quieter here is more hectic than in most places I’ve been. It starts with lying in until almost 6:15am then a leisurely help yourself breakfast and get ready for church. Church starts at 9:30ish and can run to somewhere between 11am and noon.

Dressed for church

After a quick trip to Luckners corner store with all the kids for a cold pop and a snack we come home and try to round up all the HATS kids for a group photo. It would be easier to round up 16 cats with a rat on the loose. Eventually everyone is gathered and many shots are taken hoping to get one where most are looking in the same general direction. Once we give up on that idea everyone races to get out of Sunday clothes.

Down to Luckners for a pop


everyone looking in the same direction…sort of

Then after a quick do it yourself lunch, Dickie and I took Ti Luc back to Luckners to play for a while. Back to the compound, while Dickie finished painting the small benches he made for the house mothers, Karen, Sandra and I were putting away various things in the depot where all extras are stored until required. Then as Karen worked on her reports and power napped (10 minutes) Sandra went looking for the makings for smores. Once Karen came to and found the marshmallows the older boys had all the
equipment ready to go. As preparations were well under way Dickie and I again ventured forth to round up Ti Luc and a couple more small gaffers to join the smore party. It was a sticky success.

Sandra enjoying her smore


Enjoying ‘smores’



Once that mess was cleaned up the kids started an energetic game of football (soccer) which they enjoyed until it was time to return them to Luckner. Meanwhile Karen returned to her reports and Sandra continued preparing paperwork for Karen. I lost track of Dickie, easy to do, and I collapsed in front of a fan. Next thing you know it’s time to eat again so we reheated some of last nights turkey and fixens ran for a quick shower then headed down to evening devotions with the kids. These kids generate so much heat and love to cuddle so much that the shower was probably wasted but I wouldn’t change a second of that time with them for any fan or air conditioner.

Anne telling Mama Karen she is sorry for bad behaviour

Now as I type this blog, Karen thinks it is a good time to start looking at issues she has been having on her computer, after all I’ve only been here 2 weeks and I still have a whole day left to fix up everything that has gone wrong for the last year. Tomorrow, our last day, will be hard.

Jim & Sandra