Brian Deux here (our fearless leader Gerry Rhyno was supposed to be writing the first night blog but by the sound of the snoring coming from his tent right now I doubt that will happen ! lol) That being said he’s getting a very well deserved nap , we’ve had quite an experience getting here .

We left for the airport at 4:00 am yesterday only to get there and find out our first flight of the day to Philadelphia was cancelled so that meant being re-routed to Boston . We actually got into the plane and airborne from that flight when they turned us around because of some maintenance issue with the aircraft(they told us later the front door wasn’t operating properly ) They fixed that and we were under way again but hopelessly late for our next connection so when we
got to Boston the running to try and get re-routed again began .  They re-routed us through Newwark and then on to Fort Lauderdale and things seemed to be getting a little better until we realized that because of all our plane hopping only 12 of our 15  bags showed up and by the time we had them track down the other 3 and get a shuttle to the airport hotel it was after 10:00 pm and we had to be back at the airport by 4:00am.  Not much sleep was had by any of us and we were on the way to Haiti the next morning!

Team arrival complete with luggage


The rest of the crew leaving airport


Gerry & Bob tying down the luggage


Happy to be reunited in Haiti


Team being welcomed by Luckner

The trip from the airport to the HATS compound (which is normally very …interesting shall we say ) went without a hitch !

It has been a rough couple of travel days

I have to say as someone that has been here a few times there has been a dramatic turn around in Haiti since the earthquake ! It was so encouraging to see the remarkable changes (sometimes we think the little bit we do doesn’t amount to much but when you have a country full of people doing things it makes a HUGE difference!)


The HATS Hilton.

We spent the afternoon playing with the children and getting prepared to start building trusses for the roof on Karen’s house so we’ve been busy since we got here. We are all pretty tired and are signing off for the night .

Team & kids time together


Fun with kids time


Isaiah with three new little friends

But so very thankful to be here, what a tremendous blessing  :’)

On behalf of our entire team ….Gerry Rhyno, Bob Comeau, Brian Roberts , (and Newbies) Bernie Melanson, Matthew Sketchley and Isaiah Henderson ……goodnight to all.

~Brian Bowers