Well today has been a busy day, and it is no where near being over. First thing this morning Sam was greeted by an eight legged friend in his room. Turns out it jumps!!!!! Then off to devotions. It was great we marched around outside the compound and around HATS singing and dancing. What a great way to spread happiness in the community.

After breakfast we played basketball and soccer. These kids just run circles around us. I don’t think we have ever been so sweaty in our lives. But like Karen says; it is all about the children, thus if getting sweaty and dirty is what that looks like that is what we are going to do. JJ, Vladimy and Moise are going to make us fall over. They have so much energy to play.

NBA champs

Sam spent a few hours fixing the basketball net using “found metal” that with a hand saw and brute force managed to cut in half. If only Canadian Tire were around the corner…it would have taken him 20 minutes.

In the middle of the soccer game we were brought inside and to our surprise Karen had invited two ladies to come to our house to see if we wished to buy Haitian handmade things. There was a mini market on the porch. We all enjoyed buying lots of goodies to take back to our loved ones!

Door to door market

Today we went back to Luckner’s and taught English again. We talked about conversations and how pronouncing words is not as important as being understood. We talked about the weather and how old we were, it was great! When we were done we saw Ti Luc, he was carrying a bag of bread in each hand! He is doing so great. He has so much drive and determination; he is living proof that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

When we got back the kids had all been told we might have time for rollerblading, and man did we ever rollerblade. The kids had so much fun going up and down the drive way. Our toes are a little sore and we are sweaty but it was all in good fun.

Roller Derby


Hang on tight


Waiting for our turn



And finally, after a long day, Kathleen is off to do night security duty for us.

Ummm…is this thing loaded

~Kathleen and Beate