We made a road trip to St. Marc yesterday. No demonstrations in sight, just the usual traffic chaos. We were successful in getting our drinking water, groceries, pipe for the school and some other supplies for HATS. Cancel the boil water advisory.

Traffic in Pont Sonde


The first 120 mini blackboards (which are actually green boards) are ready for delivery to the pre-schoolers. Judel and I came in ahead of schedule and under budget. Our reward; … another order for slightly larger ones for the Grade 1 class.

Judel and Keith


The school was closed yesterday so the older kids and teachers could attend a funeral. A young student from high school died suddenly on the weekend.

Leaving for the funeral

It’s funny to see the children have a day home from school and then play school. If the kids mirror what they live and see they have some very loud and bossy teachers. Josie always seems to be in charge of play school.

Teacher Josie


I think we peaked at 6 kids with fevers and runny noses. It seems to have run its course and Magdala is the only one still dripping and sporting the glazed donut look. The following picture is SNOT for the faint of stomach.

Joan didn’t get sick and Magdala is getting better.


Joan and I are trying to learn Haitian Creole. One of us is having good success. Joan is doing very well at mastering the language by reading, doing her lessons, listening to audio tapes,  practicing and watching YouTube video lessons.

Creole lessons or Netflix?