Another week gone.  Is it really a week since I blogged??  Yikes.   As the days and weeks pass the temperatures and humidity levels rise, and energy levels drop.   A shower makes one feel good for a few minutes.

Still no roof poured on the water tower.  This is Haiti.  Still no size 10 blocks that are needed to pour the roof, despite Luckner’s finally asking for them to be specially made which would cost more.  Promises were given.  But . . . . .

No roof blocks.  No gas.  Extreme shortages on lots of other things we need.  It does not make things easy.  It, however, does test a person to see how much patience and understanding one has.  Things not available.   A continuing rise in prices.  The old supply and demand is very obvious.

While waiting for supplies to finish the water tower building work is progressing on the changes to the present Children’s Home.  Walls are coming down and walls are going up.  What used to be the gallery has been closed in to be used as a bedroom.  What was the girls’ room is opened up and is becoming the gallery. The entrance to the house now opens into the centre of the yard, towards this house.   The living room on that house has always been dark and hot.  We are giving it two very large windows for light and air flow. We plan chnages, too, to the little room they use for a kitchen.  Hopefully when we are finished it will be much more comfortable for the children and the workers.  When these changes near completion we will be starting the foundation for the boys home.

Taking Down Walls
Putting up New Walls

Ti Luc has been ill since Monday – very high fever and diarrhea.  Tuesday night around midnight saw us going to the hospital with him as his fever spiked to 41.8.  He was very ill.  Sure enough they had meds that helped bring it down to a tolerable level quickly.  Back home after a couple of hours and back to almost constant bathing.  Today, Friday, our wonderful boy is doing much better.  No meds have been needed today.  He is looking and acting normally.  Thank you, God.    Yesterday, Gwo Luckner, as Ti Luckner tells people his name is, spent some time with him.  When he was leaving Ti Luc draped himself over his shoulder and said  “Okay, Papa, let’s go.  Take me with you.”

Take me Papa

We thank God that all the other kids are well too.  They are quite excited about the changes to their house.  This morning I found little Judel standing inside the house by himself, with eyes like saucers,  watching the men work.  When they started breaking a wall to the boys room he let out a wail (that only Judel can do).  He was quite upset because they were breaking his room.  After being held by Mama Karen, and having it explained, he was quite okay.  Then he started running back and forth watching it all even more.

I am going to add a few photos of my kids and will endeavour to do so each time I blog.   After all, it is  ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN.

Josie – deep in thought
Teary-Eyed Ismyis

Thank you to all the followers of this blog.  May God richly bless each and every one of you.