Yesterday and today started off with a gorgeous walk by the canal. The sun was rising, the rice was sparkling with dew and there was a mist on the mountains. It was just the right temperature for a brisk walk. We had a couple of good natured marriage proposals along the way which is always fun!

While Mariah was working hard and sulking because she couldn’t come with us, we took a Taptap and went to the market. It was all I had hoped it would be although I didn’t find anything to buy. I was looking for something really Haitian and I have decided I should buy a broom. I don’t know how they sweep with them but somehow it works for them. Liette got asked if Yvette was her daughter! She’s really hoping it’s just because Yvette is so small and not because Liette looks so old. (Note from Liette – for those of you who don’t know, Yvette is OLDER than me!)

Verrettes Market

When school was out I had the two kids that I sponsor over to meet them and give them an early Christmas gift. The look on their faces when Liette explained to them who I was and where I had come from was priceless. It was so good to give them hugs.

Yvette with her sponsor kids

Yesterday afternoon we had the opportunity to distribute a beautiful individualized blanket to each of the children in the home. The blankets are beautiful, with each child’s name as well as many Creole words and verses on them. The children were very happy to receive them. The older children in particular loved seeing the photo of the children who helped send the blankets and enjoyed having their letter translated for them. Ti Luc was so excited about his blanket that he insisted on sleeping under it, even early this evening when it’s not yet cold. A very big thank you to Lynn for your hard work and inspiration!

Moise and JJ


Dieunel with his blanket


Sandra with her blanket


Mirlande with her blanket


Ti Luc sleeping under his blanket

We are making good progress on sending the photos and letters to the sponsors. There are a couple of sponsors who have changed their email addresses and your letter/photo keeps bouncing back. If you have not yet received your photo/letter, please send us an email with your updated contact information.

Liette, Karen and Mariah left me to go and teach English and I had a great time of playing with some of the kids. I was pushing Joffkey on the swings and he actually said my name about 10 times with a smile on his face. He usually doesn’t give me any indication that he likes me in the least. I also played badminton with JJ, Moise and Vldimy until the girls came back from English class. Liette’s godsons came for a visit and we had some 3 on 3 soccer. The field was a tiny bit small and there were a few slide tackles but it was good sweaty fun.

Blickenson, Mariah and Liette


Vladimy, Yvette & Malachi

Liette and I have 1 full day left and we are starting to feel sad about having to leave but we will make the most of our time left. So far, it’s been a wonderful time and we will definitely be sad to leave Haiti.

~Yvette (for Karen, Liette and the rest of the HATS gang)