We (Rebecca, Kathleen and Sam) all met up in Newark and carried on together to Haiti arriving yesterday around 2:00. Then of course, the chaos of finding our luggage began. United Air ran out of room for carry-on luggage, so they took my carefully packed backpack in New York, and I haven’t seen it since. Luckily, everyone pitched in and I’m all set for the week. The ride back to HATS was so familiar to me…the stop to get gas…driving along side the ocean…entering the rice valley where we live….crossing the bridge to get to the compound and seeing all of those smiling faces .

Waiting for Beate to find her missing luggage


Beate reporting her lost bag before we head to the mission


Okay heading out without the missing bag

My heart filled up completely when I got to hug all those kids and staff that I met 2 summers ago, and to hug and hold the little ones that are new to me. I really feel at home here, and I know that this week will bring me much joy.

Arrived.  Set for a good week!!


Beate with Jonathan

Last night we all unpacked our goodies, and thanks again for all of your donations. It’s incredible how much everyone managed to bring with them. Not only will it help the children here, but the people in the community will be blessed as well.

Sorting donations on first night.  Beate with undies for Karena as her bag did not arrive


Unpack and play too – soccer ball hats for the ladies


Sam with donations of meds

The 4 of us got to sleep upstairs under the “veranda” in cozy mosiquito tents. The breeze picked up so much, that I actually had to put a sheet over me. The noise was typical, and thank goodness for earplugs, but we all agree that we slept like babies.

There is a man in Beate’s tent.

Our day started with devotions. I know that I’ll never be able to share with you how beautifully the Haitians sing. The rousing rhythms of clapping hands and stomping feet, harmony and solos is hard to capture here on paper…it is truly uplifting and a tribute to the greatness that happens here.

Okay, I have to get going…there are a lot of children to hug and play with. I’m sending everyone hugs.