For any one that has kids or has looked after kids you know there is that one time every day that I used to call the arsenic hours when my kids were little.  As the saying goes, “he’s jumping up and down on me last nerve!”

So at 4 o’clock today the little ones came running up to the door. Can we do this? Not today. Can we that? Not right now. Can we ride our bikes? Yes!

Keith’s bicycle repair shop

I know that the picture does not look like children riding bikes, but this is how each riding time starts. Keith has one or more bikes that need: a chain reattached, a handle bar tightened, a seat adjusted or a tire pumped. With 17 bikes to keep running there is always something that needs fixing. Today Sandra waited patiently for her bike to be fixed. With a big “Thank you Keith” she was on her way.

While she was waiting for her bike Sandra had a little spin on Anne’s bike. She so wants to be like her big sister and I don’t think it will be long before she will be riding without those training wheels. Jofkey decided to take out the scooter and discovered how to do a wheelie!

Sandra trying her wings

You will also notice in the background that Jonathan and Markenson are having a race, Jonathan on foot and Markenson on his bike. It was so much fun to hear them laughing together.

Jonathan and Markenson

As it grew closer to supper time, one by one the bikes and helmets were put away. Thanks to Dickie and Jim, everyone has a place for their very own helmet.

Parked bikes

Sonson had a nice long swing all by himself while his brothers and sisters were biking. He was having a great time….I heard him singing for the first time. So cute.

The swing all to himself

The kids were surprised and pleased when Keith and I got bikes out and joined them riding around the compound.

Joan and Keith can ride too!!!!


It Is All About The Kids!