Hi everyone, Keith and I have been here now for 10 days of our 10 week stay. I was thinking this morning that this stay feels different, has a more relaxed feel to it. We are still busy but not rushed. There is time to play with the kids more.

After homework and chores, around 4 o’clock most days, you can find the kids playing. The little girls are playing house in the trees, the younger boys are into Ninja world.

Ningas to the rescue!

The new game of choice given to Leica for Christmas by Dana ( Karen’s daughter) is Train, known by me as Mexican Train, known by others as Dominoes .  JJ, Leica, Djemima and Moise are getting so good they now can play the game without help.

The ongoing Train game

Last Friday was a Professional (no school) Day for the little ones so we got busy playing in the Devotion Room and had a blast. Jonathan told us a great story with a lot of gusto, just don’t ask me what it was about!  Sandra was into the Mega Blocks making chairs for her little doll, Jofky had stopped for moment to color and Tifi was enjoying the company. It was nice to have just a few of the kids to interact with.

Play time for the little ones