The Reimer family, Brad, Lois, Kaeli and Peter, have been a part of the HATS-Haiti Mission for almost five months.

They are a tremendous asset and are here for the ‘long haul’. Brad and Lois work well with Luckner and I and are willing to assist the both of us in every way they can.

The Reimers at HATS

Kaeli and Peter fit in extremely well with our children and are very helpful with the little ones. Kaeli is a special young woman who has a big heart for the less fortunate and those who are ‘a little different’. She is an absolute gem with Ti Luc and with Ti Fi.

Kaeli & Ti Luc singing in devotions


Peter fits in beautifully here

Brad is a ‘jack of all trades’ which makes him a tremendous asset to both Luckner and I. Too, he is a bookkeeper!!! Yeah and amen. I have designated most of the financial aspect of the work over to Brad and am happy that I will not have to take it back.

Lois is great with the house mothers and works well with Martha in supervising what happens in the children’s homes. Too, she is a big help to me in our Sunday morning services as she shares doing the children’s messages with me. Having to do the teaching only half time is a huge help.

Both Brad and Lois are good with all the children.

Brad, Lois, Jofky & Karena

The Reimers need to return to Alberta in August for a break, to take care of some things, and to bring back some of the supplies they were unable to bring when they moved here.

I am wondering if any of the HATS followers/supporters have any Air Miles or Aeroplan Miles they might be willing to share with the Reimers to help them return to Alberta late August for a few weeks. Perhaps help could be found to help pay for part of a flight or two with ‘miles’.

If there is anyone who can help in this way please let me know.

Thank you one and all for your continued support of the HATS-Haiti Mission and the work we endeavour to do with the children throughout this area. May God bless you.


With love from all of us at HATS.