Brad, Lois, Kaeli and Peter, are at HATS-Haiti. Welcome to the HATS family.

Yesterday Luckner and I with our police security, Daniel, went to Port-au-Prince to pick up the Reimers. Enroute we were able to deliver a pastor that Luckner knew, and a bunch of students from the pastor’s school, to their school site. The kids were thrilled to be getting a ride with us.

Our truck turned into school bus.


Truck, including back seat and even in front in Karen’s arms filled with students

At the airport I managed to talk my way inside so I could get carts and help get the four of them and their 27 pieces of luggage outside as fast as possible. None of us are comfortable driving after dark. Things arrived in good shape – thanks to Air Canada. One piece of luggage was a surprise – it was moving. They have a little dog, Tippy.

Lois with Kaeli shortly after their arrival at airport


Brad with Peter waiting for luggage


Luggage is piling up


Luckner and Brad tying lots of it into the truck


The rental van also filled

The children were all outside in the yard, despite the the darkness, waiting, dancing, and singing as we drove in.

The Reimers were welcomed by the employees this morning in devotions. Now I want to give them a couple of days to settle in their house before they get thrown into work.

It is good to see two new children in the yard- one extra chocolate and one vanilla – enjoying time with our children. Kaeli and Peter accepted our kids immediately and fit in like they have been here for a long time.

Kaeli’s first day she had to go to the HATS beauty parlour

Thank you for praying for the Reimer family during their time of preparation to return to Haiti to work with HATS, and for their safe arrival last night. Please continue to pray for them as they settle into their missionary lives and work at HATS-Haiti.

Thank you one and all for your support for the work here that is helping many children.