This is day six since the last blog. The reason is the HATS family members from Canada have come and gone.

We had another week with my family members – Dickie, Sandra and Jim after Pastor Dave and Jess had left. It was a busy week. Lots of odd jobs were finished. I do declare Dickie is as difficult to pin down or find as I am. He, too, runs all over the place doing, doing, doing. He was ‘the man’ on odd jobs. He was here, there and everywhere doing and fixing. He mastered my “Dickie Do List” and found lots more that needed doing. Thank you so very much Dickie.

Last night for this year – two tired men

Jim helped with some projects, albeit mostly in a supervisor position. LOL. He, however, was ‘the man’ for my computer problems. Thank you very much Jim for all the boring hours spent in my office. Thank you, too, for your photographic skills.

Sandra worked in the office, in the yard as ‘Chicken Lady’ – giving out 70 chickens (chased many around the yard), in the food storage room giving out food to many people, and at the school. A well rounded assistant for me here as well as in Canada. Sandra, thank you, thank you.

Last night of work.  Isn’t a file folder supposed to be used as a fan.

All three spent lots of time blessing the children as well and I do believe they were blessed too. The children always find it difficult when they leave. Today our kids asked about you Dickie, Sandra and Jim. In church this morning the children there asked about you too. They all wanted to know when you would be coming back. It is obvious I am not the only one who misses you greatly. God bless the three of you as you continue to work for HATS from Canada.

Heading for airport in HATS convertible


Nearing PAP taken from back seat of truck


Safe arrival at airport

When Luckner and I drove them to the airport in PAP I entered the airport too. I took a needed refreshing three day break in Florida with friends Maxi and Laurie Wilson. They are there for three months in a lovely condo on the beach. Maxi and I grew up in Newfoundland together but had not had any time together for more years than either of us want to admit. Friendship and love, however, has no boundaries and no expiry date. The time we had together was short but was certainly not short on laughter, fun, good food and fellowship. It was the best ‘retreat’ I could have had. Good for the body and the soul.

Sunset from Maxi and Laurie’s balcony


Wonderful sound of waves – heard inside their place

Thank you so very much Maxi and Laurie. I enjoyed every minute of our time together. Two goofy Newfie’s together are bound to have a good time. Add Laurie to the mix and it was a blast. Laurie was not born a Newfie, and he is no Newfie Wannabee – he is definitely ‘one of we’. God bless the both of you.

Walking on beach.  Karen in four layers of clothes.


In flight from the waves

On Tuesday Luckner and I will return to the airport again. This time we will be picking up the Reimer family who are coming to join, and work with, the HATS family. More on the Reimers at HATS, with photos, later. Please pray for this family who have shut down their lives in Canada to join Luckner and I in this work, in this very different and difficult part of the world, to help HATS continue to make a difference.

Thank you for all your continued support with finances, encouragement, and prayer. We are all a part of HATS-Haiti. We can’t do what we do here without you.

Remember: IT   IS   ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN

With that in mind, to finish off, I must add a couple of photos of the children.






God bless you.