It’s the last day here , where did the week go?  Up at 5:30 am to see the breaking of dawn from the security tower look out.  When we got there it was dark.  There were lots of people standing on the bridge, some going to work , some waiting and hoping to get work somewhere today.  As day break came we saw people walking the canal.  Lots of goats around. We stood there for about an half an hour just amazed at it all.

At 7:15 the kids all came for morning prayer before school. Several of the little kids prayed.  At 8 the team went over to the school to see the morning devotion. After this the students all lined up so politely and sang as, the raising of the flag started. The children were very well behaved all during this. Never bored here and thats for sure ….lots to do everyday .

A HATS school student picking up food donated by her sponsor in Canada


Leaving with food for their families.


I gather the three early ‘leavers’ of our six, Cathy, Terry and I are each to do a brief part of this Blog.  There is that word “brief” again.  Cathy has about 150 words, see if I can better that.  After each school day’s devotional period and before classes start, all students gather in the school yard and in a beautiful arrangement of four different colored uniformed student classes sing their National Anthem while their National Flag is being raised – a proud people trying to do their best.  After the students went to their respective classrooms, our group members restarted some of our respective assignments; continuing work on the stairway gate, office work, other small but important errands, helping distribute meals to the younger student classes at dinner time, and also give food to some families that money had been donated for.

Don come out of retirement “briefly”


I just wanted to add that this being our last day here makes me reflect on the last 7 days. It has been quite the experience here.  Sure do make us appreciate everything we have back in Canada we are more then BLESSED . I’ve always wondered what being poor looked like and what missionary work was truly about . Now I sure do know…So impressed with the way they do devotions each morning and the dress code in the school how all the children look the same …no one is better then the other or dressed better then the other.  I ONLY WISH our kids could see this…how they would be more thankful.

I realize now how much funding is needed to make all this work …hundreds of children are being fed by HATS each day. Both Cathy and I feel so thankful to have been here this week . We felt very welcomed all of what we have done we have done unto HIM  our Lord and Savior. We are honored to have helped Karen.

Helping feed the students


~Cathy, Don & Terry