Today we woke up and the sun was already shining, guess this means we are in for a REALLLLYYYYY hot day!!! Off to devotions with lots of singing and dancing and then a yummy breakfast of fruit, peanut butter and toast!!! (Ti Luc of course helped me out with the bananas and peanut butter side of things). This morning Hannah and Emily are going to the market!!!

Emily & Hannah at market


Market parking lot

Beate and I went last year so instead we are going to get a head start on those black boards!! The kids helped us get all of the chalk off them yesterday but today we are going to give them a final scrub down before we start painting!

Preparing black boards for painting

Speaking of painting we are going to go get some painting done right now and while you wait for more exciting news about our day here are some pictures from yesterdays cheese fiasco!!!

Clown Hannah


There is just something about your nose Kathleen

Well as it turns out Beate and I only had time to give them the boards a good washing. We had quite the system down! By the time we were done with the black boards it was time for lunch!! Yummy spaghetti for lunch!!!! SOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!

After lunch we went to Luckner’s to drop off his suitcase and take a look around. Traffic was heavy, Emily had to get out and push a “vehicle” out of our way. When we got back we went and got some water and had my first experience riding tap tap style!!!! Too exciting!!!!

Heading to Papa Luckner’s and Liancourt


Emily’s new job – holding goats so I can drive past in truck


Kathleen, Hannah & Emily filling truck with water

We got back and played with the kids, a lot of red light green light and what time is it mr. wolf. Then it was time for supper: Rice, bean sauce and some kind of
yummy meat to go with it all. I don’t know exactly what it was but it was amazing all the same!! After supper we went back outside to play with the kids. They
love thumb wars and arm wrestling, but they win every time, and not because I am not trying they are just all very VERY strong kids. I got to have a great talk
with Vladimy, it was great for him to be able to practice his English asking lots of good questions about where I live where I work and my family. Not only a great opportunity for him to practice English but also a good time to talk about all of the people in North America that I love (yes that means all of you!)

Wed evening devotions


Evening devotions

I said good night to all of the kiddies and head up stairs, next thing I know Beate and Hannah are taking everything out of the tents, I thought it was raining again, however Emily and Hannah were taking their mattresses down to the kids home!!!!!!!! Oh it was so cute, and the kids were thrilled.  They moved their mattresses into the kids rooms, but when Beate, Karen and I went back down to get pictures off of them were in the main area with their mattress on the floor… MASS SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So great!!

Sleepover with Emily and Hannah at Girl’s Home

The great night was ended with a little bit of a terrifying time and I am going to try to paint this out for you guys as best I can. For those of you who know me know that I HATE spiders, hate is a strong word and I use it in a VERYYYYYY strong way when talking about spiders. For those of you who know Beate you know that she too does not like spiders. So as you can tell we are going to be a GREATTTTT team when it come to dealing with anything spider related. Beate goes to use the bathroom, comes down starts and says there is a “small spider” in the bathroom. Kathleen is then on high alert, but does not realize that “small spider” means one about the size of a Josie’s hand!!!!! Kathleen, Karen and Beate discuss possible POA (Plan Of Action). Kathleen wants spray, Beate doesn’t… Kathleen
wins. Beate takes flashlight, Kathleen takes spray. Both run upstairs on EXTREME HIGH ALERT!!! Beate goes through door, spider is no match for Kathleen though, Kathleen sees spider on door, BEATE STARTS JUMPING ASKING… “ WHAT WHAT, WHERE IS IT!!!!” Beate runs back outside, Kathleen takes
flashlight, Beate takes spray!!!!

Now to take a quick aside from this beautiful story, I know you are all on the edge of your seats. I am VERYYYYYYYY grateful for Beate, I would not have been able to sleep with that thing alive! I would not be able to close my eyes or anything! So here is my massive shout out to Beate!! And now back to the story.

Beate sprays, it runs, she sprays some more, more running, more spray, more running, MORE SPRAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! IT STARTS CHASING US, KATHLEEN AND BEATE ARE RUNNING AND JUMPING AND SCREAMING (trying to do all of this quietly). KATHLEEN WANTS IT DEAD DEAD AS DEAD CAN BE!!!! KATHLEEN SCREAMS FOR CINDERBLOCK (however Beate again saves the day as Kathleen does not want to let that foul thing out of her sight!!!!) In comes Beate cinderblock in hand (the grand finale folks say goodbye to the eight legged terror!!!! Oh happy day!!!!!!) and SMASHES THAT SPIDER INTO NOTHING!!!! (accidentally smashing cinderblock into pieces at the same time – oops!) and the world was yet again safe and peaceful, no more creepy crawlies to keep the Ontario and New Brunswick beauties from getting sleep, and all was well again in the land of HATS. (nothing like a good adventure to get the heart a pumping before bedtime!!)

All that fuss for that

PS, Beate says Hello to everyone!!!!

PPS Karen says there was a lot of noise coming from two women upstairs last night when she was trying to shower. Too bad she was not able to get upstairs with a camera. By the time shower was over and she was able to get outside the house to check on them those two ladies had calmed down somewhat. Fun and games at HATS.