Every morning while we’re here we try to do a time of devotion with staff members and the children. We usually sing songs in English and Creole, read scripture and spend some time wishing each other well before another busy day of work and projects in the searing heat. But today, a gentle rain inspired us to stay a bit longer to share our thoughts and prayers with each other, Canadians and Haitians alike. It became very emotional. People spoke from their hearts. They talked of the poverty they’ve seen here, the dignity of the people of Haiti and their love for each other and for God. Visits to this very special place have a way of unlocking true expressions of what we really feel. It is a blessing when that happens.

Ti Luc and Ti Fi in morning devotions


Jason with Sandra after devotions

We also spent some time praying for the sick and lame, with laying on of hands, including for a Haitian staff member who is coping with an illness. The ladies spent much time today making gift bags for the school children to take home for Mothers Day, which in Haiti will be celebrated this Sunday, Karen’s birthday. What a wonderful coincidence.

ladies wrapping little gifts for students to give their mothers on Sunday


Working on gifts for students to give mothers


Teachers making little baskets for students’ mothers

There were a number of plumbing issues to tackle, and two of our team repaired seven badly leaking toilets in the girls’ and boys’ houses. Other team members took down a cement stairway which is no longer needed. We’ve had the most excellent meals since we’ve been here. Haitian dishes of savoury rice, beans, chicken with a tomato-based gravy with onion and garlic, and also home-made sourdough bread tonight with beef stroganoff, courtesy of Seth and Jessie. We had an enormous amount of spaghetti last night…thank you Jason, it was delicious. We finished the pasta tonight. Our chocolate chip cookies didn’t set tonight in this incredible humidity, but were delicious just the same.

Painting continues – slowed by rain today.

Play time with the children included singing with Fabian — “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” — and teaching the girls and boys how to skip two at a time with brand new skipping ropes. They loved it! Tomorrow night, double dutch.

Baby Sandra


Jofky with candy and zandolite


Ti Luc and Dora

Jason just came in and stated that today he and Seth cleaned the gutters, so all is now ready for the first big snowfall of the season. Tomorrow we plan to visit the school for an hour for a special Mothers Day event. More on this later.
Talk to you soon.