Friends and Family XX. Here I am one last time :(…As I told you we are leaving HATS on Monday and are going to be working one more week with YOUTH FOR CHRIST HAITI. I can’t believe we are here since almost a week… Some of you said we looked like we belong here and it felt like that… But before I say “Good by” let me tell you about our Saturday and still a bit of Friday..

Last night we gave out our first treats..some lollipops..that was adorable to watch. As we were enjoying them there was a big rain bow over the buildings…we hoped for rain -but nothing:(

Leica and Ti Luc – treat time


Jonathan likes a treat too

One thing is for sure nothing went as planned today, that’s’ for sure. First of all …Karen is feeling better…..thank you to all that prayed. She took her Antibiotic and I gave her my favorite remedy of Toast (she had Montreal Bagels :)..with fresh sliced garlic and honey….She pulled her nose up at me first but …admitted that it was actually quite good….besides IT HELPS ! Then this morning Louis woke up with no voice and a sore throat ….all gone now . PRAISE THE LORD !

Rainbow but no rain to cool us down

Our health has been fanominal….I can not tell you how grateful I am for that. The only thing I have to admit is, the lack of sleep caught with me today and I had a beautiful nap with baby Jonathan on my chest…Definitely an unforgettable “take away “….I think we slept for 1.5 hour !! So worth it

Is there a nicer way to sleep

The “cooks” are off for the weekend and so I got to cook lunch for today and tomorrow in the morning. You know how I love that….I made a chicken stew and tried to be as Haitian as possible….:) It did turn out nice…not sure if there was any Haitian to it:)

We had first planned a trip to the local market but workers arrived early in the yard to put up the vine for Karen. It was a lot of work and the market got cancelled …not sure I am missing the smell after some of the comments of raw meet that is apparently laid out in the sun:) so it all worked out !!

Raising the grape vine

So the day really turned a lot more around the children , without laundry and teaching, etc. Louis helped the men a bit in the yard and took opportunity to talk to some of them about the Lord as they rested in the shade. That was awesome to see…

Louis sharing with one of the workers

We both played with the children in the yard and it was really nice to finally get to do that. We also had story time circle…:)

Djemima at morning play time




Library hour with Barb reading

I have to admit I am still now learning their names…shame on me ! I like to be with them every chance I get and my reward is when their faces light and they call you mamie ( one more house mom).

Karen said that this was a very unusually stressful week and I think lots of things happened she didn’t bargain for . That the laundry lady was not here didn’t help either. Good to know that God had his timing to send us just now. I hope we were of some help. Louis continues to fix the things he can …and enjoys that. This pm he got a very quick motorcycle ride in Luckner’s motorcycle …LOL…he changed it’s position.

Louis with Luckner’s motorcycle

Just now we went for a walk with the children along the canal…again we were planning for a long walk, a picnic and some bubble blowing…but it didn’t work out. At the last minute Karen and Mariah could not go. BUT It was so beautiful at the canal anyhow AND there was a very nice breeze blowing in…the sky is black and we MIGHT get some rain

Late afternoon walk (minus Mariah & Karen)

July team …I have two words for you CLEAN AND COOL :)….we joked about the fans last night …how many different kinds we could ship in, battery operated, hand held…..battery op for the desk…one tied to your neck :)… So think cool and SOAP. SOAP, SOAP…….just sayin’ apparently its hotter in July…:)
I WILL be praying for you all.

We really did have a wonderful time here at HATS ….would love to be back sometime. A big THANK YOU to Karen and Luckner for giving us the opportunity to work along side Karen…what an eye opener!!. HAITI NEEDS CANADA will be my new slogan !!

So my friends , keep us in your prayers the second week as we head out. Thank you for your support and encouragement on the blogs.. esp.your prayers. What would we do without the Lord ? He is our hope and the hope for Haiti !!

DG and ADG of HATS

Much love and blessing,
~Barbawa and Louis