The next few days will be taken over by Team Texas, also known as Radio Creole’s favorite on-air guests. We have the shirts to prove it. We’re made up of wily veterans David, Brooks, and Julie, the returning after a two year absence JoAnna, and newbies Claire (daughter of David), Kyle and his daughter Morgan, and Milford. And even though we had to drug Milford in the airport and force him onto the plane after he heard stories of our adventures, we’re all happy to be here.

Our day started after a long night’s sleep in our hotel rooms in Ft. Lauderdale.

We got to sleep in all the way to 3:45am. So obviously we woke up refreshed and ready for the day. We flew out at 6am, landed, and went smoothly through customs, where we were greeted with the waiting smile and arms of our favorite tiny red-headed Canadian woman, our favorite Canadian airline pilot/soccer goalie, and our favorite Haitian security detail at approximately 9am this morning. After flight delays and problems the previous few trips, we couldn’t believe our luck. We were truly walking in the favor of the Lord. Oh so we thought.

It turns out that this is Haiti. And things don’t always go according to plan. Because while Karen, Keith, and Daniel were at the airport, our bus driver and his bus were not. Apparently there was some mix-up. He was in St. Marc. But no worries. He’s a bus driver in Haiti. He took off from St. Marc and made it to the airport in a mere 45 minutes, give or take. Soon we were loaded up and on our way.

Team arrived, no bus


Double trouble

We enjoyed the scenery of the drive as always. Also, since we woke up at 3:45 we also enjoyed a nice nap or two in our cozy first class transportation. Once we finally made it to the HATS compound, we were greeted by the cheering voices of some of our favorite kids in the world. There’s no school this week due to Carnivale, so we got to see all the kids immediately on arrival. It’s been a great day of relaxing, catching up, and introducing the new folks to the kids and staff. The sign greeting us today said “Welcome Home,” and it truly feels that way. We’re so glad to be back. It’s like we never left.

Nap time enroute


Our kids did a welcome sign


Ti Fi dancing with Brooks


Ti Luc is a tad joyful with his Texas family back


Jonathan with godfather David and David’s daughter, Claire


Joanna is back. Magdala not yet quite sure about her


Night time accommodations at the HATS Hilton

Now we’re off for a walk down the canal. We’ve encouraged the newbies to stay away from the edge.

A wonderful way to finish our day